I ignored all red flags because before I really got to know you I had created an image of your character. I smiled before I even heard you speak, hence the auto tune from my brain which purified your venomous words into pixie dust and made me all fluttery. My heightened awareness of your presence resulted in goosebumps which prevented me from experiencing your scarring and burning touch. You were poison but my blindness to your toxicity worked as temporary antidote. I fell for the you I imagined you were, Hell I even prayed for you. You made me realize how amazing my imagination was and also how good an illusionist I am.



I had been naked before you, emotionally naked which is the worst type of nudity because even just a glance at it is enough to tell a story. You my friend read my stories, stories that were written all over my cut and bruised soul. You didn’t mean to hurt me I know because that’s what you said, you promised not to hurt me. Remember? But tell me is it in your nature to convince people to trust you, open up and tell you their deepest secrets then only to use the new found information in the form of a weapon. Because if that’s how you really are I guess I should congratulate you and say mission accomplished.

You just want to know…

When you asked me why I was not alright, a flicker of hope lit inside of me. For a moment I thought I had found someone who would understand me. It was however your tone and response which led me to understand you’re just like everyone else. You don’t care you just want to know so you have an amazing and deep story to tell your not broken friends🌾